Premium Plan

Age is just a number, enjoy the life with our premium membership with leisurely activities for your parents to unwind and relax, traveling benefits, and arrangement of pooja, library, elders club and beauty services prevailing to their need. Bring that Privileged Care & be stress-free and relaxed knowing that your parents are in safer hand & living their life to the fullest with a happy smile always.

Medical Assistance

  • Free 2 times geriatrics check-up at home in a year
  • Getting you doctor appointments with accompanied care coordinator
  • Sending reminders on appointments
  • Arranging travel facilities
  • Discounts on medicines & diagnostics
  • Free deliver for medicines
  • Arranging 24 hours nursing care
  • Arranging home assistant
  • Contact centre availability
  • Providing specialist doctor second opinions
  • Arranging general physician home visits
  • Blood test arranged at home
  • Vision care aid arrangements
  • Pre and post hospitalization support with surgery planning
  • Arranging bedside care
  • Arranging speech & hearing therapist & equipments
  • Arranging physiotherapy at home
  • Homeopathy
  • At home diagnostics services & master health checkup
  • Arranging vision aid

Daily need Assistance

  • Arranging home repair and maintenance
  • Equipment installations at home needed of physical Assistance.
  • Cook Service assistance
  • Transportation assistance
  • Arranging electrician and other services.
  • Groceries & food deliveries to home
  • Arranging home cleaning services
  • Arranging regular maid servicese
  • Training to use internet & smart devices


  • Ambulance Assistance
  • Non Medical Emergency Assistance
  • Real time updates of medical conditions
  • Accompanied care coordinator during Emergency

Financial assistance

  • Assistance on utility bills payment
  • Assitance to manage every day expenses
  • Cash management assistance during online transactions
  • Medical emergency fund Management in case of amount paid in advance

OTHER Assistance

  • Personalized care coordinator availability anytime on emergency
  • Assitance to manage every day expensesArranging Pooja or any other festival needs
  • Arranging books and library visits
  • Health & travel insurance services
  • Property management assistance
  • Visa, passport, ticketing, forex services
  • Arranging legal help
  • Arranging beauty/grooming services
  • Arranging laundry services

LEISURELY Assistance

  • Organising family events
  • Arranging to elderly clubs, picnics and health care activitiess
  • Assisted day outings
  • Planning surprise events like birthday & anniversary

Privileged Assistance Benefits(premium plan)

  • Exclusive geriatrics home visit in a year.
  • Home security evaluation for your loved ones to ensure their safety.
  • A background-verified, dedicated, Care coordinator assigned to your loved ones.
  • A 24X7 number to call for any emergency needs
  • Technological real-time updates in medical world.
  • Discounts on home blood test services & master check-ups
  • Up to 10% to 20% discount on pharmacy medicines