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At NIVASHINI ASSISTED CARE SERVICES We are providing Medical and Non-Medical care services to patients in their homes by HealthCare Professionals or Trained Caregivers. All our services are designed to help patients recover from illnesses or injuries, manage chronic conditions, or age in place. By taking one of our User Plan Program a Personalized Care Coordinator will be provided to assist you in your needs & the plan has other Benefits too.

We have Medical Tourism for Foreigners/other state people who requires Medical Treatment for Various Conditions. By taking Nivashini Assisted Care Services plans you will receive Quality Treatment at Affordable Cost. We Guide you in everything during your Treatment period in our Country. Below are some of our HealthCare Services in detail, Do check it out:

Our Services

International Medical Tourism

Whichever Nation / State / District you are from - Travel to Coimbatore for World Class Orthopedic, Cardiology, Neurology & Plastic surgery treatment

Elder Care User Plans

Your Parents had been with you in every phase of your life, Now it's your turn.While Chasing your Dreams fulfill your Responsibilities by taking our Elder Care User Plans which keeps them Happy and Comfort.

Home Nursing Care

Home nursing care can provide a cost-effective and convenient alternative to hospitalization. We arrange you Licensed Healthcare Professionals & 24 hrs Bedside Care.

Home Blood Collection

Our Home blood test collection is a convenient and non-invasive way to have blood tests done without having to visit a medical laboratory or clinic.

Home Physiotherapy

Our physio uses Special Techniques for faster recovery. The treatment plan is customized to meet your specific needs at the convenience of your home.

In Home Assistance

All your Day to Day life dramas are taken care of. Maid Service, Home Cook, Daily living Assistant to patients from bathing, grooming etc

Medical Equipments

All kinds of Medical Equipments for Purchase and Rental can be arranged at Affordable Cost with Delivery Support & Training to Use