Tamil Nadu is one of the pioneers of medical tourism in India. Attracting a large number of international health tourists, the state has always been an important centre for medical diagnosis and treatment. Coimbatore also takes pride in the thousands of eminent medical practitioners specialising in various fields of medicine. Over 15 lakh patients visit Tamil Nadu annually for medical diagnosis and treatment.

It is easy to access healthcare services that may not be available or affordable in one's home country, by seeking a right service provider like Nivashini Assisted care services. We have a higher level of quality and specialization in medical care. We guide & arrange for you a wide range of treatments and procedures, from routine check-ups and dental work to major surgeries and health care treatments at affordable cost.

Our Primary aim is Globalization of HealthCare Services.

We At Nivashini Assisted Care Services

       • Take care of everything once you reach our Coimbatore district.
       • Assisting the person & his family with traveling requirements within Coimbatore.
       • Your comfort stay in service apartments till your recovery period
       • Consequent appointments with specialist doctors
       • Online consultation while you are in your home country before & after treatment period.

Patients from around the world travel to Coimbatore for world class orthopedic, cardiology, neurology & plastic surgery treatment. However, travelling to a Nation/State/District where you are unfamiliar with language and culture can itself be a challenging experience apart from availing the medical services. We at Nivashini Assisted Care strive hard to keep your experience memorable with our team by providing choose of hospital, nursing staff and doctors helping you at every step.

Our care coordinator's will guide you through appointment confirmation, travel to hospital availing hospital rooms/ providing any assistance for nearby travel& stay. Our coordinators would assist you by accompanying you during your hospital visits & guide with billing, room stay, food & providing care givers.

NOTE: Patients considering medical tourism should carefully research their options and carefully consider the potential risks and benefits before making a decision. Currently we provide services only in Coimbatore District.

Currently we provide Services only in Coimbatore District.

We have Customized Short Term membership Plans of 3 months to 6 months that fulfills all your requirements during your treatment period.

Short Term Membership Plan Benefits:

  1.    • Pre and post hospitalization support with surgery planning
  2.    • Online consultation while you are in your home country
  3.    • Assistance in finding comfortable service apartment for you & your family stay
  4.    • Arranging 24 hours nursing care
  5.    • Arranging home assistant (cooking, cleaning maid) in service apartment
  6.    • Arranging physical assisting equipments
  7.    • Arranging physiotherapy at your service apartment
  8.    • Contact centre availability
  9.    • Ambulance assistance
  10.    • Non-medical emergency assistance
  11.    • Real-time updates of medical conditions
  12.    • Accompanied care coordinator during emergency
  13.    • Getting consequent appointments with specialist doctors
  14.    • Sending reminders on appointments
  15.    • Arranging travel facilities during hospital visits within Coimbatore
  16.    • Supporting your family members accompanying you during your stay
  17.    • Arranging food service, laundry service & delivery
  18.    • Availability of medical equipments for sale & rental

Services We Offer

  • Medical Equipments
  • In-Home Assistance
  • Home Physiotherapy
  • Nursing Care
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